All Saints Catholic Collegiate

Board of Directors 2020-2021


Barberi and Newman Trust

Mrs A Middleton-Hill (Chair)


Mr F Tunney (Vice Chair)

Retired Head

Mrs J Bridgewater

Chief Operating Officer

Mr A Capper (resigned 22/10/2020)

Retired Architect

Mr A Griffin

Retired Head

Ms J Hughes


Ms S Thomas (resigned 27/01/2021)

Retired Head

Mr C Plant Co-Opted Director (Finance) 15/03/2021

Finance Director

VACANT - Staff

Mrs R Perkins (resigned 01/01/2021)

Head of school

VACANT - Parent

Mr A Hurst                                           

Sports Coach SCFC

Mrs M Yates


Mr M Rayner


Mrs S Brough


Board Of Directors

All Saints Catholic Collegiate Board of Directors 2019-20




Mrs Anne Middleton Hill Foundation - Chair of the Board of Directors


Mr Francis Tunney Foundation - Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Retired Headteacher of Painsley College

Mr Andrew Capper Foundation


Mrs Julia Bridgewater Foundation

Chief Operating Officer NHS

Mr Albert Griffin Foundation

Retired Headteacher

Mrs J Hughes Foundation

Retired teacher 

Mrs S Thomas Foundation

Retired Headteacher

Mrs M Yates Executive Principal

Executive Principal

Mr M Rayner Principal


VACANT Staff Director


Mrs R Perkins Staff Director

Head of School

Ms V Wareham Resigned 5/7/19

 Parent Director

Social Worker

Mr A Hurst  Parent Director